(Dutch) Crowdfunding getijdestroomcentrale

Nederlandse pionier Tocardo wekt duurzaam stroom op met ‘onderwater windmolens’ aan de Oosterscheldekering en bied u de mogelijkheid mee te investeren.
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Tocardo enters Canada’s Bay of Fundy

Tocardo will deploy four 250kW-rated T2 bi-directional turbines in the Minas Passage in late 2017. The turbines will be attached to Tocardo’s patented...
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Tocardo sign up to test 20-year T2 tidal array at EMEC

Edinburgh, 24th of February, Tocardo has signed up to demonstrate a 20 year pre-commercial array at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

Eastern Scheldt tidal project starts producing power

The official opening ceremony took place in Rijkswaterstaat's Topshuis right near the project location. A big day for Tocardo and the Tidal Energy industry.

BlueTEC operation results successful

Hoofddorp, 12 October 2015 - The BlueTEC Texel Tidal partnership is proud to announce that the first months of operating the BlueTEC tidal energy platform have been a success. With every tidal flow, the platform supplies electricity into the Dutch national grid.