The most comprehensive range of tidal energy solutions

“The worldwide potential for this type of sustainable, reliable and predictable power is an interesting opportunity for investors, project developers and the energy sector. The market is ready for commercial rollout and is therefore looking for proven solutions for multi-megawatt array installation”.

This ‘megawatt’ driven market has traditionally lead to mega solutions: large machines, heavy shipping equipment, complex maintenance and expensive foundations. Big machines for big power, you could say. This creates high costs for shipping, adjusting to site specifics and makes maintenance expensive. At Tocardo we see things differently for these offshore tidal energy solutions. We believe that mega solutions do not need to come with a mega price tag.

Instead of creating a mega solution, we simply developed four compact 250 kW machines that generate as a combination, one megawatt. This has many remarkable advantages over the larger, more traditional machines. Based on our proven T2 turbine and long term experience in offshore, we have developed several platform solutions including:

  • Subhub tidal platform, a self-installing, submersible, gravity based platform for shallower, low flow sites when increased yield is critical (TRL 7);
  • The Floating, Low Motion  (FLM) tidal platform for deepwater sites with complex seabed geomtry (TRL 5);
  • HydroWing lightweight, modular seabed mounted system, a highly modular system approach with easy access to turbines and power control pods (TRL 3).

These platforms provide site adaptability, and ensure that costs can be kept low and the product can be installed worldwide. They can be manufactured at local shipyards, enabling a boost to local economies and employment. It also makes a more cost effective approach for shipping, mooring and maintenance possible. These factors lead to a far more interesting business case and an attractive ROI to the investor.

Tocardo’s platform solutions: mega power generated by SMART engineering.

As a Dutch company, tidal energy fits us very well. Tocardo has a wealth of experience in creating standard solutions, based on a long history in offshore, engineering and renewable energy sectors. We develop leading tidal power solutions. Our philosophy is based on a typical Dutch ‘act and do’ strategy: developing standard products by continuously, step by step testing and improving solutions. Therefore, costs are low and long term, cost effective results are high. In the developing market of tidal power we can match each site specifics and upscale easily. Based in The Netherlands, next to the historic ‘Afsluitdijk’, the typical Dutch water challenge is inspiring us every day. With the new LMF solution we are able to match the market for MW tidal power and roll out worldwide, delivering a commercial business case.