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Power production driven by the moon; the clean energy that tidal stream and tidal range can harness is 100% predictable, years in advance.

Leading player

Tocardo is an ambitious company who aims to become a leading player in the renewable energy market for ocean energy. Tocardo is a specialist in tidal power based generation solutions; the company is the inventor and the manufacturer of the most widely used hydro flow turbines and has established the world’s largest commercial tidal installation with five turbines in array so far. Tocardo has an unbeaten track record of continuous tidal power production, inhouse developed turbines and foundation technology. The company is now ready to claim its position in the market.

Tidal energy is the answer for the increasing volatility in our energy system. Solar and wind power are the drivers for the current unpredictable energy system. On the other hand the extreme predictability of the tides results in an endless source of predictable renewable power generation. Tidal energy will be the number one in the near future energy production merit order. Currently the sector has to develop and execute tidal energy projects themselves in order to create a market push. When the market for tidal energy matures and the technology has proven itself, independent project developers will develop the projects in which Tocardo will solely function as the turbine developer and supplier.

Reliability and affordability

Tocardo is active in the marine energy market in the segment of power generation. Tocardo is at its core a manufacturer of power generating turbines. The turbines make use of the tidal and river streams to propel the blades. We are one of the world’s leading tidal turbine developers renowned for our robust and reliable turbines resulting from a development history spanning the sectors entirety, over twenty years ago, and the largest portfolio of projects operated by any developer in the sector.

The maximum return from developing any product from initial design is only ever achieved when the technology has evolved through time and been tested for many years. At Tocardo, by bringing in our new expertise and insights, we can further optimise the existing design, taking it right up to its technical limits: both in terms of cost reduction and increased performance from improved blade design. One of our central developmental ideas is to standardize the engineering wherever possible. Tocardo foresees ultimately, that the configuration for a tidal energy solution will be standardized, at up to 95%. By applying a steep learning curve and by making use of ‘scalable & standardised’ products the will become commercially available on the market at competitive prices.


Today the Tocardo workshop and office are located at the Waterpark in Wieringerwerf nearby the working port Oude Zeug. Until the recent past the company was based nearby the Dutch icon the Afsluitdijk. At this location we experienced the impact of the tide every day. It has inspired us to create the first turbine types (T-1) and also provided us with the courage to go bigger and develop a new turbine-type (T-2) for yet another Dutch icon, the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier in the province of Zeeland, part of the world famous Deltaworks. This installation is the largest tidal energy project in the Netherlands as well as the world’s largest commercial tidal installation of five turbines in an array.