Tocardo is leading the way forward

“Efficient, robust and reliable hydro-turbines”

We drive the tidal energy market

We drive the tidal energy market with the most trustworthy expertise, the most in-depth knowledge and proven technology in tidal energy. By taking a leap as pioneers in tidal technology we were able to get a unique head-start in translating the vision of reliable green energy into a predictable reality. We are a leading player in the tidal energy industry. Reliability, scalability and affordability are the key principles that form the core philosophy of our business and products.


Our turbines operate below the surface in marine and river environments. They have to deal with strong currents, extreme loads and floating debris and are generally quite hard to reach for maintenance. These challenges have determined the design principles of our turbines. We tested many different technologies before we settled in 2005 on a variable speed, direct drive, horizontal axis turbines with a two bladed rotor. The turbines are made to last with very minimal maintenance. The design lifetime is at least 20 years.

Rotor blades

Our turbines are equipped with uniquely designed passive pitch mechanism without hydraulic or electric support (patented). Pitching mechanisms need maintenance and/or can fail, resulting in damaged rotor blades. In combination with a direct drive generator with variable speed our turbines are able to operate in a large bandwidth of water speeds.

Our portfolio

We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. Instead we believe in scaling and tuning our turbines and projects to find the optimal balance between costs and benefits. We can scale the size of the generator and the size of the rotor blade in order to make it fit for a project site or to meet specific clients’ needs. Our current offering: