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Tocardo | tidal, river and ocean energy turbines

An abundant, predictable and available flow of energy with positive impacts on the environment.

We are Tocardo. A Dutch founded and based company and global leader in tidal energy solutions. We are driven to develop state-of-the-art business solutions that maximise the potential of the tidal energy production worldwide. We believe that this type of energy stands at the beginning of its development and its full potential, just like wind turbines 10 years ago. But unlike other alternative sources, this ‘flow of energy’, delivers a solid, reliable volume of green energy.

Therefore it generates a competitive ROI for investors.

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Tidal Solutions


Rivers flow continuously and can provide an excellent baseload of electricity.  River solutions have little environmental impact opposed to traditional hydro.


Solutions to harness electricity from tidal currents, often by using existing civil structures such as dams, dikes and bridges.


Big power plants located offshore. Either floating or on the sea floor. These solutions provide a stable baseload of clean electricity.


An electricity grid is not always present. In these cases Tocardo can provide a smartgrid solution to create a local, stable electricity grid.

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