Tocardo: The Dutch Tidal Power Company

Power production driven by the moon; the clean energy that tidal stream and tidal range can harness is 100% predictable, years in advance.

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Power production driven by the moon

Tocardo is an ambitious company who aims to become a leading player in the renewable energy market for ocean energy. We are specialists in power generating solutions and one of the world’s leading developers of tidal turbines. Above all, we are well known for our robust and reliable turbines that are the result of a development history starting more than twenty years ago.

Tocardo is the inventor and the manufacturer of the most widely used hydro flow turbines. In 2015 we have established the world’s largest commercial tidal installation with five turbines in array so far. We have seen the impact our technology can have, and we believe that we have can (and will) change the world for better.

It is our mission to bring clean and reliable power to people and organisations all over the world, by harnessing hydro power driven by the gravitational pull between the earth and moon.

Power generating solutions

Tocardo drives the tidal energy market. With the most trustworthy expertise, the most in-dept knowledge and prove technology in tidal energy. By taking a leap as pioneers in tidal technology, we were able to get a unique head-start in translating the vision of reliable green energy into a predictable reality. We are a fully commercial, independent company and our unmatched track record shows that we deliver what we promise. At Tocardo we scale the size of the generator and the size of the rotor blade in order to make it fit for a project site or to meet your specific needs. We offer turbines with a non-complex maintenance design: permanent magnet, direct drive (no gearbox), external flow cooled, variable speed generator combined with a two-bladed smart reverse rotor system (bi-blade).


Tripartite partnership

Tocardo is fully owned by HydroWing Ltd. and QED Naval Ltd. This tripartite, collaborative partnership brings together decades of multi-sector expertise as well as a blend of well tested, complementary products. The joint venture provides a truly end to end service with a spectrum of turbines, foundation systems and in addition, marine operations, as well as design, support and service expertise.

About tidal energy

Tidal Energy is literally powered by the universe. In other words, the gravitational forces of the moon and the rotation of the earth work together to create ebb and flood. The resulting differences in height create water flows that generate massive amounts of kinetic energy. Coastal lines funnel the flow of water this result in hydrokinetic energy (free waterflow). As long as the moon, the earth, the oceans and gravity exist, there will be tidal energy. Above all, it is universal and more reliable than other alternative sources of energy.

Our mission and the Sustainable Development Goals

It is our vision that clean, safe and reliable energy is a basic need for people and organisations to develop and evolve. Tidal energy offers a dependable power source that is a valid alternative or an addition to existing green energy solutions.

The driver for tidal stream power generation is combating climate change by reducing the CO2 emissions with a 100% renewable, 100% reliable and 100% predictable energy source. Tidal stream power is the missing renewable energy source to create a local balanced power generation mix. Therefore, our tidal energy power generating solutions contribute to six out of seventeen United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.