Tocardo: the Dutch Tidal Power Company

Power production driven by the moon; the clean energy that tidal stream and tidal range can harness is 100% predictable, years in advance.

Tocardo is an ambitious company who aims to become a leading player in the renewable energy market for ocean energy. Tocardo is a specialist in tidal power generation solutions; we are one of the world’s leading developers of tidal turbines we are known for our robust and reliable turbines that are the result of a development history spanning the sectors entirety, starting more than twenty years ago. The company is the inventor and the manufacturer of the most widely used hydro flow turbines and has established the world’s largest commercial tidal installation with five turbines in array so far. It is our mission to bring clean and reliable power to people and organisations all over the world, by harnessing hydro power driven by the gravitational pull between the earth and moon.