Tocardo T-1 Tidal Turbines

“T-1 – Community Based Tidal Turbine”

The T-1, a small size tidal turbine (50 – 100 kW)

The Tocardo T-1 turbine generates clean energy from tidal currents. The T-1 is the best tidal turbine in its market segment with power outputs from 50 kW to100 kW.

Tocardo brings innovative Dutch water technology to a whole new level with the T-1 Tidal turbine, The T-1 is Tocardo’s most proven turbine. By generating energy in a predictable and cost effective way the T-1 is the best tidal turbine in its market segment with power outputs ranging from 50 to 100 kW. Due to its relatively small size it can be installed in shallow waters (4 meters and deeper). The turbines are made to last with very minimal maintenance. The design lifetime is at least 20 years.

The T-1 turbine power generation commences at flow speeds of 0.4 m/s and peaks at 4.5 m/s producing 100 kW. At flow speeds above 4.5 m/s the turbine enters ‘stall mode’ which is a control strategy used to prevent overloading of the turbine. T-1 turbines are capable of being operational up to 6.8 m/s, and can safely withstand 9.0 m/s speeds (survival).

Bi-directional power production

Another unique (and patented) feature is the smart reverse system which enables the turbine to operate in opposite tidal flows. Instead of using maintenance sensitive yawning systems which turns the entire turbine, we only let the rotor blades flip. The whole system is powered only by the force of the water (passive pitch).

Projects in the Netherlands

In 2008 a test and demonstration model of the T-1 turbine was installed in the sluice of the Dutch icon Afsluitdijk near Den Oever and connected to the Dutch grid. In 2013 we took the commercial T-1 turbines for extensive off shore testing in the Wadden Sea. The turbine was attached to a barge and was taken to the Marsdiep, known for its strong tidal currents. The motorized barge acted as floating foundation system that could be powered to simulate even stronger currents. We successfully tested and verified the turbine performance and energy yield and also tested the ability to operate within a local (island) grid .

The best solution

For every project we will look for the best solution when it comes to turbine configuration, foundation and park design. We can bring expertise into a project through our network of partners but we can also cooperate with local experts. Want to know more about the T-1 turbine series? Please do not hesitate to contact us!