Tocardo T-3 Tidal Turbines

“Next generation tidal turbine technology”.

Tocardo T-3

Cost-effectiveness is critical to making the business case viable and to convince decision makers that tidal energy solutions are a good investment.  This goal will be achieved by the development of the Tocardo T-3 turbine series, which can be installed in combination with a variety of foundation systems and in various conditions.

The maximum return from developing any product from initial design is only ever achieved when the technology has evolved through time and been tested for many years. At Tocardo, by bringing in our  expertise and insights, we can further optimise the existing turbine designs, taking it right up to its technical limits: both in terms of cost reduction and increased performance from improved generator concepts and the blade design. One of our central developmental ideas is to standardize the engineering wherever possible. Tocardo foresees ultimately, that the configuration for a tidal energy solution will be standardized, up to 95%. By applying a steep learning curve and by making use of scalable & standardised products the T-3 will become the only commercially available tidal stream turbine on the market for mid-sized (450 kW) turbines at competitive prices.

With consideration of the global opportunities that exist for tidal, Tocardo believes that commercial scale energy production will eventually converge with the utilization of mid-size turbines, such as the T-3 turbine, in single platform arrays, which will be the most cost-effective form of energy capture. By applying the appropriate economic criteria at the start of this T-3 development, Tocardo will provide the most commercially viable turbine on the market, allowing the market to then compete with other renewable technologies and grow rapidly. This follows the learning, development and cost curve seen in other renewable energy industries.