Tocardo T-2 Tidal Turbines

“Tidal turbines suitable for industrial scale solutions”

The T-2, a medium sized tidal turbine (100 – 250 kW)

Tocardo brings innovative Dutch water technology to a whole new level with the T-2 tidal turbine. The T-2 turbine series comes next in line as a scaled up version of Tocardo’s most proven turbine, the T-1 series. Tocardo T-2 tidal turbines offer a step up in power generation capabilities on a commercial basis which benefit more industrial applications or deployed as an array. By generating energy in a predictable and cost effective way the T-2 is a medium sized tidal turbine suitable for various locations, with power outputs ranging from 100 kW to 250 KW.

The T-2 turbine power generation commences at flow speeds of 0.4 m/s and peaks at 4.5 m/s producing 250 kW. At flow speeds above 4.5 m/s the turbine enters ‘stall mode’ which is a control strategy used to prevent overloading of the turbine. T-2 turbines are capable of being operational up to 6.8 m/s, and can safely withstand 9.0 m/s speeds (survival).

Oosterschelde Tidal Power plant

In September 2015 five (5) T-2 turbines were successfully installed in the Eastern Scheldt Storm Barrier in an array with a combined peak power output of approximately 1.2 MW at 4.0 m/s tidal flow. Extensive testing, commissioning and trouble‐shooting was performed towards automatic operation of the power plant. This site provides one of the highest tidal flows in the world inside a tidal storm barrier. Flood flows can reach 6.0 m/s. Challenging offshore corrosion conditions are present, as are extreme marine growth and abrasive conditions. As this site is easily accessible via the barrier structure it is ideal to proof the turbine performance under severe conditions while still maintaining accessibility.

The best solution

For every project we will look for the best solution when it comes to turbine configuration, foundation and park design. We can bring expertise into a project through our network of partners but we can also cooperate with local experts. Want to know more about the T-2 turbine series? Please do not hesitate to contact us!