HydroWing: Light Weight, Modular Platform

“The HydroWing modular platform uses light weight modular components and wet mate connectors to complete the offshore construction which is easily retrieved to for maintenance tasks which reduces the cost, improves reliability and time and effort of O&M”.

See the device outline here:

The device has been designed to provide ease of maintenance and ensure maximised reliability with precedence over maximised capacity.

The HydroWing consists of two main components


1 x Permanent Gravity Based Structure


1 – 3  x Retrievable wings with 3-5 small turbines (100 -200kW)

HydroWing device and optimised gravity based support platform. All lightweight / high capacity structure designed for marine marine operations and system integration.

Installation barge for a single HydroWing.

Installation of the HydroWings using the special lifting frame tool.