Subhub, High Yield, Self Installing, Tidal Platform

“Enhance the power and energy yield from the tidal site and reduce the costs of installation and maintenance”.

The Subhub Tidal Platform is a submersible, seabed mounted, gravity based platform that supports every need of tidal turbines through there lives and also acts to significantly enhance yield from the tidal site. Subhub is design to be fully integrated at the quayside or in the dock where the whole platform including the tidal turbines is commissioned and fully tested prior to departure. It can then be towed to the tidal site for installation in a single, quick and process. Subhub has unique properties where is more stable in the dive condition, fully submerged, than it is in the transit condition for tow. It is also self aligning to the flow. This process is control remotely through the Subsea Manifold acting at a safe distance from the Subhub on a support vessel or installation barge where all the mechanical and electrical control equipment is accessible. The Subsea Manifold also provides access to the electrical export cable for quick and easy dry mate connection and disconnection.

Subhub getting ready for installation and transition from the transit condition to dive condition.

Subhub completely submerged in the dive condition about to start its descent to the seabed.