Todays Changemakers week 25: Energy From Water

Change Inc

We are pleased with the the Dutch organisation Change Inc. (Dutch content) they have decided to put some Dutch changemakers, including Tocardo’ CEO Andries van Unen, in the spotlight which are active in the Ocean Energy sector. Today’s Changemakers are frontrunners selected by their independent editors. Changemakers are people who show color, give direction and set the pace. From family businesses, multinationals, SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups. Every week Change Inc. put Changemakers in the spotlight. Because they know that every spark can make a big difference. Besides Tocardo also DMEC and REDstack are highlighted this week.

REDstack – Pieter Hack

Pieter Hack is founder and owner of REDstack. He wants to generate at least 500 MW of sustainable electricity in the Netherlands as soon as possible with a Blue Energy plant. And that this will be followed worldwide. REDstack is working intensively and successfully on the development, scaling up and future commercialisation of energy generation from differences in salinity, often referred to as Salinity Gradient Power (SGP).

DMEC – Britta Schaffmeister

Britta Schaffmeister is CEO of the Dutch Marine Energy Center (DMEC). She wants to bring technologies that extract energy from water to the market. DMEC is an accelerator for marine energy solutions. Ath DMEC they believe that the enormous amount of energy stored in our oceans, seas and rivers will be a crucial driver to realise our global energy transition and foster sustainable growth.