Offshore solutions

Tocardo brings a range of offshore tidal platform solutions including both floating and gravity based solutions all of which provide low cost maintenance solutions for the tidal turbines.

Low-Motion, Floating (LMF) Tidal Platform

Tocardo brings innovative Dutch water technology to a whole new level with the Low-Motion, Floating(LMF),  tidal platform. The TLMTP is a fully integrated 1,5 MW tidal power solution, with five Tocardo T2 turbines on a semi-submersible, U-shaped, floating platform.


Tocardo’s low motion, floating tidal platform for easy access to the tidal turbines control.

The TLMTP is ideal for the implementation of multi megawatt offshore tidal energy farms because of its proven turbine technology, easy installation low service requirements.

Subhub Tidal Platform

QED Naval produce the Subhub platform that uses its a self installing, submersible, gravity based tidal platform. It’s U-shaped and conical hull section has been carefully optimised to accelerate and steer the flow into the tidal turbines rotor area increasing energy yield and site capacity and making a direct and dramativ impact on the cost of energy and revenues.

The U-Shaped conical hull form of the Subhub just piercing through the water during installation of the tidal turbines on the seabed.

Subhub completely submerged, during installation onto the seabed. Note no other infrastructure such as heavy lift vessels required to complete this process making installation and recovery a quick and easy process.

Read more on our partner’s website HydroWing here.

HydroWing Tidal Device

HydroWing tidal device is designed to tackle the challenges that have hindered the commercialisation of the tidal sector to date. HydroWing’s patent pending solution incorporates a full system approach integrating installation, operations and maintenance at the core of the design in order to reduce operating costs.

HydroWing device and optimised gravity based support platform.

Read more on our partner’s website HydroWing here.


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