Accreditation for 1.4 MW at EMEC

Tocardo Tidal Power is pleased to announce that Ofgem (the Gas and Electricity Regulator in the UK) has granted accreditation under the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme for Tocardo’s 1.4MW EMEC deployment.

Seatrials Tocardo


Transnational cooperation project to (em)power off-grid communities in North-West Europe with decentralised renewable hybrid energy systems

Tocardo_turbines versie Groeier

Investeren in Energie uit water

Investeren in Energie uit Water?

Wij Nederlanders hebben een sterke relatie met water. De interactie tussen water en land heeft geleid tot innovatie en inspiratie.

Turbines in water

Groene energie uit getij

Nederland heeft een technologische voorsprong in het opwekken van groene energie uit getij; investeert u mee in dit stukje Hollands Glorie?


Tocardo in Nieuwsuur

Nederland moet een koploper worden in de groene industrie. Dat is een van de pijlers van het Energieakkoord dat in 2013…


Tocardo present at Seanergy 2017

Tocardo present at Seanergy 2017 in Le Havre, Normandy, a maritime metropole in the heart of the future of marine energies…..

Tocardo at Hatston (Credit Colin Keldie)

Tocardo arrive in Orkney

Tocardo Tidal Power have burst onto the tidal scene in the UK with the InToTidal project kick-off and the arrival of Tocardo’s system in Orkney.


Wave & Tidal 2017

Renewable UK is organizing the 13th Annual Wave & Tidal Conference & Exhibition and Tocardo will be present at the exhibition during this event. Meet us at stand 24…..


Klokhuis – Tocardo on Dutch Television

On January 4, 2017, Tocardo was on the Dutch television in a very popular youth program named “klokhuis”. This is an educational program for children…